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Top 5 Cute Cat Breeds For Families

Top 5 Cat Breeds For Families

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Parts of their fur markings get darker as they get older

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Snowshoe Siamese kitten 4 weeks old:)

Snowshoe Siamese kitten 4 weeks old:)

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Snowshoe - looks identical to booboo

Its like my baby lacey mom birthday please just like this! How many years have i begged geez

This is a Blue Point Siamese I'm pretty sure and they are the cutest cats!

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

20 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds in The World

Abyssinian Cat the cat with an impressive and decent personality.These cats are also related to Egypt as paintings tells us about their existence there.These cats are medium to large sized cats and are alert and playful.They are very much people pleasing


Pile of sleeping kittens

Cats - Katzen

They love water, love to swim. What a beautiful kitty!

Awww, I love stories like this! Makes me wanna find a cat in trouble and take care of it.

Meet Sir Stuffington, a one eyed kitty who survived a raccoon attack and was saved by a kind person along with his 2 brothers. He was left with a smile resembling a pirate – and, cute pirate that he is. HIS EYE PATCH! AHHHHHHHHH MY HEART IS BURSTING.

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The Rare Snowshoe Cat & Its Unique Characteristics - Pouted Online Lifestyle Magazine

Love Meow  |  #cute

Love Meow | #cute

Valhalla Kitty and Ziggy Stardust

one of puzzled & the other defiance.both adorable

#4 Ragdoll

#4 Ragdoll


A basket full of cuteness

It's Caturday - Post Some Cats