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Neah & Mana Walker D.Gray-Man

Neah & Mana Walker D.Gray-Man Credits to the artist

Allen and Kanda | D.Gray-man || [please do not remove this caption with the source]

D-gray man - Allen Walker - Kanda Yuu - gorgeous!

RTお題まとめ【肌色注意】変態お題多目 漫画6本絵9枚 [3]

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D.Gray-man / Mana Walker Neah Walker

Zerochan has 20 Neah Walker anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Neah Walker is a character from D.

DGM x Shingeki no Kyojin.....Lavi put Armin down he's not a girl *face palm*<<<Also funny b/c both shows have a lot of deaths...okay maybe not funny

Gray-man/Attack on Titan Crossover

Tags: D.Gray-man, Allen Walker, Lenalee Lee, Pixiv Id 5693721

allen and lenalee from dgm

Render D Gray Man - Renders Yu Kanda Allen Walker D Gray Man

<Kanda Yu> D grey man

Tags: Fanart, D.Gray-man, Allen Walker, Yuu Kanda, deviantART, No.6, Nezumi (No.6), Shion (No.6), Eve (Nezumi)

Gray-man ~ Can I just make a whole separate board for these pins?


D gray man funny

Lenalee and Allen

D.Gray-man Allen and Lenalee

Yullen - D.gray-man

Yullen - D.gray-man Lol I think Kanda's slightly drunk ^_^

I finished the series and I'm so sad I want more // Road and Allen

/D.Gray-man/ Allen and Road

D.Gray-man Allen and Kanda by Nonkal

Gray-man Allen and Kanda by Nonkal

Kanda and Alma.

Kanda and Alma...So cute!