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Joe Kubert's Enemy Ace

Enemy Ace was one of the many creations of Robert Kanigher, and for the times was a bit of an innovation—taking the enemy's point of view (f.

All-Star Squadron Vol 1 #7

The All-Star Squadron series belongs to the same family as JSA, Justice Society of America and Earth Join me as I look at these enjoyable reads!

Weird War Tales #69, November 1978, cover by Joe Kubert

Weird War Tales 69 - Sensational Science-fiction Issue - More New Thrilling Pages Than Ever Before - Dollar Comics - City Of Death - Approved By Comics Code Authority

Tomahawk (Volume) - Comic Vine

Conflict Foretold Through Composition - Son Of Tomahawk Cover Art by Joe Kubert

Donkey Kong x Batman

The Crossover for the Ages