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[48 images] UFUNK – La Sélection du Week End n°19

May all your holiday turkeys be delicious, my fellow Pinners, and with plenty of -- good gravy!


Iron Man # 126 by John Romita Jr. & Bob Layton

Marvel Comics Retro: The Invincible Iron Man Comic Book Cover Suiting Up for Battle (aged) Art Print

Jack Kirby art WHAT THE...????

The Vault of Retro Sci-Fi — spaceintruderdetector: Jack Kirby- Robot 1966

dave mazzucchelli

dave mazzucchelli

4485129906_883ce1edc0_b.jpg (1024×746)

In an age when giants walked the world, he was the mightiest of them all: Devil Dinosaur! Jack Kirby’s Devil Dinosaur and his pal Moon Boy inhabit “Dinosaur World.

Los Vengadores VS El Conde Nefaria por John Byrne. Homenaje a dicho enfrentamiento que tuvo lugar en The Avengers Vol 1 #165-166. Los cuales fueron dibujados por el citado Byrne.

John Pierce uploaded this image to 'John Byrne Collection'. See the album on Photobucket.

Gwendolyn from "Saga"

The Greatest Black Women In Superhero Comics (Who Aren't Storm) Gwendolyn from Saga