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god bless my soul

this is my favorite pic of niall! i absolutely positively love it!

Mmmm yep. Yep this scene got to me. Semi-Spoiler Alertttttttt- There's a few scenes where you hear the boys warming up/just singing together for the hell of it, and oh. My. God. It's beautiful. -E

Harry singing Little Things to Niall in their movie This Is Us. One of my favorite scenes!

One Direction / Niall Horan / Liam Payne / Harry Styles / Louis Tomlinson / Zayn Malik /

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Love it

I seriously love him more than a person should be able to love someone they've never met. I can't even explain it in words. He's just always gonna be that number 1 celebrity, and I'm always gonna pray to meet him.

Niall Horan <3

Niall at the Detroit concert lollllll cutiee

[gif] can we just remember this sweet little moment.

[gif] can we just remember this sweet little moment.im now currently unstable.emotionally,physically and mentally.Oh hazza ♥

Niall Horan has ABS!! Being a Niall girl is so hard sometimes

Niall Horan has ABS! Iam not a Niall girl tho but I died when I saw this vine

Thank you.

haha i couldnt help but notice hes wearing like silver eyeshadow it looks like xD uncle simon we love you

He's not turning twenty tomorrow. He's not. He's not.>>> not even possible!

He's not turning twenty tomorrow. <<< Why am I pinning all of these things? I don't want him to turn 20