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Loved Silent Movie Night when they would show old Charlie Chaplin films with a live piano player. Also loved watching them throw the dough for the pizzas.

Shakey's Pizza Parlor with the piano player playing ragtime. Loved going to Shakey's on special occasions.

tin typewriter toy - you had to twist the dial to the letter you wanted and then hit the large red tab under the dial and it printed.  No real keys.

vintage tin typewriter toy from the a vague memory of having one of these. it must have been passed down to me from someone

i would love to be able to take already made reels and make my own using my photographs kinda like how they do at Image3D

Make Your Own View-Master Reels

Do you remember the View Master? Love the View Master, Mom still has one at home.

Image Search Results for cartoons of the 60 s

Everyone has a favorite cartoon character. See if yours is included on this list of the top 50 cartoon characters of all time.

CHINESE CHECKERS.....this is one of a few board games we played as children.  We had very few and treasured all of them.

Vintage 1950's Boxed Tin Ohio Art Chinese Checkers Marbles Game w/ 2 Game Sides

Vintage Boxed Tin Ohio Art Chinese Checkers Marbles Game w/ 2 Game Sides

Back in the day: Hair curlers. Pincurls...still being used in the late 1940s/early 1950s

Comb damp hair Part into small sections. Wind each curl around your finger smoothly. Pin each curl in place with a bobby pin. In the morning remove pins and gently finger comb your hair.

Popular card game of the 50's and 60's,, Loved playing this with my grandma those were the days.. Take me back.. :)

Popular card game of the and I remember this exact deck with that old maid card!

Magic 8-Ball

The All-Knowing Oracle, the Magic 8 Ball , will answer all your "yes or no" questions quickly . 4 inches in diameter with a sleek black and white sheen, the Magic 8 Ball is a sure cure for indecision and a great reliever of metaphysical anxiety

vintage topo gigio vinyl toy ('60s? '70s?) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I was allowed to stay up until the end of Ed Sullivan to watch Topo Gigio :) vintage topo gigio vinyl toy I loved this little guy! "Kees me Good night"