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Pelham Bouquet. Shared the spotlight with Duke Snyder in a shaving cream commercial (Duke calls him a clubhouse "beatnik.") Bouquet suffered career-ending lacerations when he slid into home on his car keys. Stains from his injuries near home plate at the Polo Grounds were visible for two seasons. #mlb #foundtype #baseball #coolcapitals #vintage #1950s

Joe Dimaggio book, published in Italy, 1952 by baseballart, via Flickr

Pontius Pluotte. His loud, unrelenting infield chatter earned him 11 consecutive purpose pitches for every one of his 11 official at-bats in the majors. #vintage #baseball #americana #mlb

Moss Fungo. Perennial interim manager. Skippered at least one inning in the majors for 47 consecutive seasons from 1934-1981. Moss is credited with the "shirt-over-the-windbreaker" look sported by many players in the 1960s. #baseball #mlb #foundtype #vintage #fabric

Rant Haner. Clipped by a deadball-era line drive that, according to the papers, left him with "diminished social graces." #mlb #baseball #vintage

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20 Pictures From The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

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Pep Pfaff. Chronic beanballer. Would get two strikes on an aging Babe Ruth then dramatically point to an empty spot on the bench before striking him out with a wicked change up. #vintage #baseball #mlb #americana

Bleeder Howe. Bespectacled giant who banjoed 1,877 of the cheapest hits in all of baseball. #baseball #americana #mlb #logo

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America: The Most Independent Country in the World

Every July 4th, Americans celebrate their independence from England, but the independence did not stop there. Click the link to see more.