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A vida é feita de simples momentos inesquecíveis que podem ser revividos no fechar dos olhos

Beauty & the Beast by *YoriNarpati on deviantART #disney #artwork

Will and Tessa in the Holy Water scene - the-infernal-devices Fan Art


David Bowie and Iman | by Bruce Weber. not so vintage but such a beautiful couple

"Kiss like you’re dying of thirst and they are the purest water that has ever touched your lips… Kiss in a way they will never forget… with a fire and an intensity that will burn into their memory for the rest of their life.Because that is the difference between a touch of the lips and a kiss… one ends the moment you part… and the other stays with you forever..." - Ranata Suzuki * typography, written, writing, poet, poetry, prose, poem pinterest.com/ranatasuzuki

em belém vai ser fácil fazer uma dessas

"Whew" I said, cleaning my sweat off of my forehead. Its been four hours of training and I decided to go and take a shower. After taking a shower I heard Zelda call " Link, dinners ready". I sat down eating some steak and a glass of water while seeing my wife wash the dishes. Then we went to bed, but before I closed my eyes, I touched Zelda's hip as she touched my cheek and I told her " I love you" and kissed me, then whispered " I love you too" while I held her hand and fell asleep.

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