'Skhayascraper' by Justin Plunkett


Con/struct: The Fictional Urban Architecture of Justin Plunkett. Con/struct is the latest body of work from Cape Town-based artist, designer, and photograp

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Kowloon, China's once Walled City. An urban anomaly that holded the record of concentration of pupulation in the world: a population density of approximately inhabitants per square kilometre /sq mi) in

「屋根の上の人生」イランの奇妙な街 "Sar Agha Seyyed" の不思議な画像たち | DDN JAPAN



through his series of 'babels', jean-françois rauzier invites viewers into an imaginary architectural universe filled with cultural references and motifs.

Nie wiem, gdzie to/Somewhere. Mówią, że większość to fejk/Some say that most of this pic is a fake. Author: Mateusz Poźniak

The urban areas of Rio are dominated by slum districts; The favelas of rio de janeiro are lawless environments dominated by unemployment and crime.

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