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Бортовая табличка торпедоносца B5N2 (Кейт) серийный номер 1105. Самолёт сбит к западу от гавани на землю, к северу от Форт-Уивер. Пилот старшина первого класса Идзуми Нагаи.

Aichi D3A1 coded AII-252 of the Kaga carrier. June 1941.

Пилот Зеро AII-105 Lt. Yoshio Shiga

Zeros were already in a factory finish, delivered in one of the colors series called by Japanese Navy terms as M0 - Hairyokushoku (translated gray-green", greenish gray) with a red "Iron Oxide" primer. INFO CREDIT: + R. Watanabe, D. Aiken, and M. Asano.

During the attack on Pearl Harbor, PO1c Akira Yamamoto served as Shotaicho (leader of 3 planes unit) of the 4th Shotai in the first wave fighter escort. Immediately before arriving in the target area PO1c Yamamoto discovered a civilian sightseeing aircraft enjoying a leisurely Sunday morning cruise. With one burst of gunfire, Yamamoto shot down the aircraft at about 08:05. He next moved in to strafe Hickam Field where he claimed six aircraft destroyed on the ground. When he returned…

BII-214 was flown by a wingman of carrier IJN Hiryu. This plane was shot down over Pearl Harbor

AII2-14 was flown by a wingman during training time. Crew unknown. A prewar photo shows a RED TAIL and the unique location of the 'dash' between the 2 and 14. INFO CREDIT: Mr. David Aiken.

Lt. Saburo Makino's D3A1 AII-250 taking off from carrier Kaga for Pearl Harbor attack. This was his last mission.

Kaga's D3A1, вторая волна. Горизонтальная полоса темнее вертикальных, возможно ветеран