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Los Bereberes, Libia

Looking Ahead ! Berber Girl at Tuareg's Tiniri Festival - Ghadamis, Libya.

Tuareg woman, Sahara

Tuareg woman, Sahara

Bereber Bride

"A young Berber bride-to-be in her wedding outfit. Photographed in Imilchil, Morocco by Nik Wheeler." Marriage Traditions Of Morocco’s Berber Tribes.

belleza femenina por el mundo Valle del Omo, Etiopía.

Fotografía a mujeres de todo el mundo para capturar los distintos tipos de belleza

Romania-based photographer Mihaela Noroc traveled to 37 countries to photograph as many women from different cultures as possible. She calls her hunt for diversity, “The Atlas Of Beauty.

Moroccan henna.

Unique and beautiful Berber tribal women - Beauty will save

Papua New Guinea, google search

Sepik River Crocodile Festival or "Sepik crocodile sing-sing" in Papua New Guinea / Photography ©Richard Notebaart

Berber Moroccan costume  - Maroc Désert Expérience tours http://www.marocdesertexperience.com

Berber woman she's good to go!

The Karo (or Kara), with a population of about 1000 - 1500 live on the east…

Oromo tribe, Ethiopia

"Borana Beauty" of the Oromo people consist of four main groups, the Borana is one of them at Southern Ethiopia.

Indonesia archipelago: explore both land and sea! Many places around Indonesia Archipelago are interest to explore both land and sea, there are numeros of exciting activities to be done.From surfin…

Explore Indonesia Archipelago

West Sumatra, Indonesia ~ Minangkabau girl in traditional costume

Girl from a Umm Bororo tribe . Sudan

Girl from the Umm Bororo tribe, Sudan © Vít Hassan


Libyan women dressed for a wedding photographed in Hon, Al Jufrah, Libya

Blue happiness. Such beautiful faces!

Beauty - is a combination of physical attractiveness, personality, culture, and intelligence that.

Erzuli Dantor

population living in approx villages countrywide: million people…

A gypsy girl | Pushkar, India

Kamala, a gypsy girl - Pushkar, India (by Maciej Dakowicz)


Africa - Tuareg woman in indigo -Timbuktu, Mali