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anole lizard, had one as a child, found out the tails grow back!

a flying dragon (Draco volans) extending the dewlap under its chin. The flying dragon also possesses flaps of skin stretched between its elongated ribs, allowing it to glide from tree to tree in the forests of South East Asia.

Madagascar Gold Dust Day Gecko in Oahu ©KimReese

Eventhough I am scared to death with frogs, this one is colorfully cute

Abronia graminea is an endangered arboreal alligator lizard described in 1864 by Cope. Animals inhabit bromeliads in the canopy of montane pine-oak and cloud forest.

Photograph by @mattiasklumofficial for @natgeo. A Galapagos land iguana having…

And the greatest should-be-an-emoji award goes to this gecko! This would be an awesome emoji! Smiley Gecko!