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Basically My Mom And I`s Over The Phone Conversations . <3

I knew it would end with bye mom after the first twogot to love moms❤️❤️

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I just make a regular bun,And than kinda run my fingers through the bun and kinda twirl it.

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I do this a lot Person-Hey I like your shirt My mind-wait what am I wearing again? *looks down at shirt* My mind-oh yeah! I forgot I was wearing that shirt

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Too bad tho.who goes through a photo album? I bet more than half of todays younger kids have no idea what the heck a photo album is.<<<I GO THROUGH A PHOTO ALBUM

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This is the most annoying thing ever, who takes that long to type like WTF

teenage posts :)

Ive got four teen daughters.I say this ten times every morning, most of the time without the " nevermind" part.

wait a minute HOLD THE PHONE HOLD THE PHONE. what

Have YOU ever sprinted down an enormous flight of castle stairs in the middle of the night in a big poofy ball gown while wearing high heels made of glass? I didnt think so.

again, no ambition!

At this moment im wondering how many teenager post pins I've got on my IKR (I know right) board.