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If some god's plan involves a child getting raped, he is obviously a horrible being.

My absolute favorite lesson/speech from Tracie Harris on the Atheist Experience. You cannot argue with this logic.

The oldest version of the bible is actually the Maccabi bible and it's in Ethiopia.

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, The Bible, Contradictions. The oldest version of the Bible is the Sinai Bible and is housed in the British Museum. There are differences between it and the King James Version.

Reasoning and facts are tools of the devil. We can't have children believing in reality after all.

A person with reason and critical thinking skills has always been a threat to organized religion and the people who feed off of it like this clown.

Any shit in a storm, huh Joel? Stupid asshole republiKKKans would believe this crap!

If you don't believe it's right to sell your daughter as a sex slave, then congratulations, you are more moral than the God of the Bible!

Good to know just in case my husband decides to sell our daughter as a sex slave.

I see so much food go to waste every holiday feast. Kills me every time.

Children starve to death every day.but keep saying magic words over your food and thanking a God for personally feeding "you".

You're on an Atheist page so don't act offended when you see atheist posts. No amount of your comments will change what I don't believe. I don't go to your page just to post insults and disagreements. Don't go to MY page just to troll. DON'T QUOTE SPECIOUS SCRIPTURE OR CONDESCENDING ("I'll pray 4 u") COMMENTS HERE OR I'LL DELETE IT.

The Bible. Buy a Bible, never read it and you're a good Christian. Buy a Bible, read parts of it and you become a pious sonofabitch. Buy a Bible, study it thoroughly and you become an atheist, hated by every Christian.