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А как вы выглядите по утрам?

Wendigo: A cannibalistic monster in Northern Native American folklore, particularly stemming from the Ojibwe and Cree. A human can become a Wendigo when they consume human flesh, or when a Wendigo overtakes them.


The Wendigo is a creature of North American (Algonquian speaking cultures) origin, part man, part beast and part tree, he is said to be born of one who .

Commission: Nonus by SilverMender

Commission for nonus on FA of her character Miguel Vargas! What a fun guy, had a blast with his design—and shapeshifting goodness


I wanted to take a shot at Smilodon study with the mindset that I do accept the possibility of them having the mastiff lips covering the canines fully, but I find such lip design not practical for .

Darkest Fears of the Imagination Illustrated by Anastasios Gionis

Anastasios Gionis is a digital sculptor and modeler whose fantasy inspired illustrations capture the darkest fears of our imaginations and beckon us to far away worlds.