Xarthisius - Gwent Card by akreon on DeviantArt Anna Podedworna ( Warsaw, Polonia ) Pintura Digital / Diseño Digital

m Rogue Thief Pirate Slaver Leather Whip 2308d0fd069a680df856774216710c6d.jpg (736×886)

m Rogue Assassin Pirate Slaver Leather Armor Cloak Whip Joroquo Bahatis, Slaver Lord of Bloodbath Bay. Originally from the city of Méguere, this doyen of the Reaver Court claims descent from Margrave and captains the cask-ship Glorious Chariot.

Kings of the Realm Commanders by Denman Rooke

Kings of the Realm Commanders A selection of Commander Illustrations for Kings of the Realm while I was Lead Concept Artist at DIGIT Game Studios.