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Slick Illustrations

“Holy Warrior” [Artist: Jen Zee] Fun tidbit: Jen Zee was the main artist for Bastion, Supergiant Games indie hit! As far as I know, she’s been working on Transistor as well.

by synthezoide

LeytoII on

Prophet Strikefile is out this week. I’m super psyched I could be part of my favorite book on the stands at the moment. To celebrate, here’s a lil’ piece of fanart… Old Man Prophet, Diehard and Rein-East.

Phroilan Gardner worked on video game titles like Diablo III, Legacy of Kain and World of Warcraft.

OYA / "Nous avons tous... à réunir (toutes les dimensions de l'être) dans un équilibre harmonieux en favorisant la danse de nos polarités féminines et masculines, sexuelles et spirituelles" ~ Sylvie (Lüna) Bérubé - http://www.artpreneuredancequotes.com/2015/08/quebec-culture-equilibre.html

Today, we feature one of the most important anthologies ever published. Not only is it entertaining as hell, it breaks new ground in that it features AFRIKAN women in the role of heroes in African-…

Goro Fujita

Inspiration--> Illustration by Goro Fujita. No idea what's going on but it sounds like an awesome story.