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Alex is a cat

Alex, she is kind, funny, and has the power of telekinesis and loves to make friends. She trusts few people with her secret and only wants the best for her friends.

Alex Dorame----- i like her hair

I thought he liked me but he has a girlfriend, it's I stupid. Everyone's having their romantic moment except me, I feel empty. I'll dye my hair black, just like my soul"- Alex Dorame

alex dorame tumblr | Alex Dorame - Feelin leafy if you see what I did there | via ...

(New fc, Alex taking the original face of Harper) I might get in trouble.

Alex Dorame turns Johnnie Guilbert into a girl

Alex Dorame turns Johnnie Guilbert into a girl

Fc:Alex Dorame| Hello I'm Blake Oakly. Daughter of Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakly. I dye my hair a lot. I don't have a YouTube account sadly but I'm thinking of making one. I'm 16 years old.i can wink as amazing as my father Troye and Procrastinate just like my father Troye...Introduce?

Open rp w/Alex) i wake up from a nightmare screaming and shaking i sit up on my bed and bring my head to my knees and stay there shaking

Me encanta

Anyone wanna go to Starbucks or soemthing? I think my mood swings have clamed down for today so i shouldnt have bad mood swings.

Alex Dorame

(Fc Alex Dorame) Hi I'm Alex. I'm 18. Single. I love music, books, writing songs, MCR, Green Day, 5SOS, and Pokemon. Introduce?

Alex) g-going to the dance w-with chris *smiles and blushes*