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Larry shippers, today is a very special day! 2 years ago on September 28, fans speculated that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson got married after hints appeared in a series of suspicious tweets! Fans are obviously celebrating the supposed anniversary -- see their tweets!

Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson Married? Fans Celebrate ‘Anniversary’ Of Rumored Nuptials

I wish they were married but being they are hiding their relationship that won't happen for a while

Hot Bromance - Bing Images

I don't understand why people can't see that. I ship Narry, but just as a bromance because that is what they are. But Louis and Harry on the other hand.that is love and if you can't see that then you need glasses or something because you are blind.

relax, louis.

I'm not a larry shipper, I just love how they don't care about what people say about them and started talking to each other again around fans

Well duh. Marcel was hilarious.  Everyone laughed at him. #BromanceNotRomance

Marcel was hilarious. Everyone laughed at him. <<<<< Actually, it was because he absolutely adores his boyfriend who was being perfect like always.

i died laughing. rip me omg so true with me and my boy friend

i died laughing. rip me omg so true. Um no larry shipper but.

I just got a cut plan,so ik there has been lots of Larry/elounor drama lately but listen to me,no matter wht u ship we could all tweet Lou at a certain time saying tht we don't care if he's in a relationship w/ haz or el, we understand tht u love who u love and thts tht.Saying tht it's ok to tell the truth and we will always love him.comment if u would participate!~anna❤️

There comes a time when a blind man takes your hand and says "Can't you see

This is from RTL Late night

FROM freddieismyqueen go watch it 😂👌🏻🔥😍

Larry Stylinson Fanart + Payno || AW THIS IS SO CUTEBDFHSBFJDSBJ @starrybeauty

She is short but so cute.When I say it 2 her she stands up on the bench and says,"Look I am taller than you."But sometimes I tease her too much that she starts crying until I say You will soon get married with Zayn.