Urban Agriculture by *juliedillon

Digital urban fantasy painting by Julie Dillon of a post-apocalypse robot gathering food in a city

Adolf Lachman. El pintor de Machinarium

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This Illustrator Combines Robots And Nature With The Most Adorable Results

Random Ghost

"[Sci-Fi] - [digitalart/paintings/scifi] - Reaper - by: AdrianDadich" This reminds me a bit of Lucia with the pink and skull :)

Mateusz Ozminski/#fairytales #fairyart #wonder @ancientsummer

Mateusz Ozminski is a 27 years old digital concept artist living in Poznan, Poland. His list of clients includes Volta, Legendary Pictures, Mattel, Ub


f Vampire Noble The French Lady by Claudia Sutton.Lady Elizabeth Bathory insisted that her nightly baths be filled with the blood of virgins in the hopes that bathing in virgin blood would keep her skin fresh and young.