Femininely conservative is never dull when creativity enters in.

Love Gina Torres' style on Suits as Jessica Pearson, especially the length of her skirts and dresses, just what I would wear.

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Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) has attitude and a sizzling fashion sense in USA's "Suits." Pinned her as an example of a stron, powerful and successful business woman.

Here’s how you pull off Jessica, Donna and Rachel’s style

Taking my back to work wardrobe inspiration from the ladies of TV show 'Suits'

Rachel Zane Meghan Markle Suits style outfit

The ombre silk Burberry blouse, the tan Celine bag, and all those glorious pencil skirts. here's my round-up of the best new Rachel Zane outfits on Suits.

Roland Mouret skirts, Zac Posen blouses, Dolce & Gabbana cardigans... these are a few of the Rachel Zane outfits we'd kill for.

Rachel Zane outfits - Meghan Markle's Suits wardrobe