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Rosetta hides the world's lies, as if covering a scent with perfume. Those in her vicinity may.

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This goblin girl became attached to a human agent who showed her kindness. She pursued the agent over mountain and dale-even across the borders of goblin land.

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This woman puts on bewitching blade dances that are dreamlike in their beauty, earning the fascination of many.

Ilustrador japones: Hideo Minaba

Ilustrador japones: Hideo Minaba


It's been decades since Ghandagoza left home dreaming of becoming the world's greatest warrior— and his journey continues!

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Hello, I was wondering if we could have access to the arts used in shadowverse (characters and cards) to create wallpaper and other arts?

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Notes Elize Lutus is one of the protagonists from the game Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia


Dreaming of the day she duels with her beloved, Aliza burns like a searing flame in pursuit of self-improvement.

《碧藍幻想猴娘事件》這大概是繼收集轉蛋以來最大的交易糾紛了... - 圖片6

《碧藍幻想猴娘事件》這大概是繼收集轉蛋以來最大的交易糾紛了... - 圖片6