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Golden Spiral Marble  [ #Marbles ]

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False Staghorn Fern - Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii - Ferns are over 370 million years old. Their rigid stem helps to transport water and nutrients to the plant head.

Also for Secret Language...   ..rh

They All Came to Party and There's Four to Every Stall, It Gets Frustrating, Just Pissing on This Wall, Seems Like There's Another Story Banging Around Every Step You Fake

Beautiful victorian cast iron spiral staircase in Kew Gardens, Sussex, England (by Erasmus T).Stairs at Kew Gardens, London, England


Green Spiral by meurer, a photographer can create magic when taking photos of plants. The intricate nature of these plants is almost dumbfounding.growing out there with such a complex and beautiful structure.

Resultado de imagen de mandalas plato frutas

Resultado de imagen de mandalas plato frutas

The Golden Spiral of Creation..... 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144...

The Golden Spiral of Creation.

Sacred geometry of a Nautilus shell

Sacred geometry of a Nautilus shell


Art 'Spiral of Life Mandala' - by Nadean O'Brien from Commissions

Lorenz attractor differential equations

Lorenz attractor differential equations