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Cassell's dictionary of cookery : containing ab...

Cassells Dictionary of Cookery 1892 Charlotte Macaroni Salad Fowl & Partridges Canvas Art - x

Cassells Dictionary of Cookery 1892 Salmon Beef Veal & Prawns Canvas Art - (24 x 36)

Cassells Dictionary of Cookery 1892 Salmon Beef Veal & Prawns Canvas Art - (24 x 36)

"Vous avez un chef de tout premier ordre, madame, dit M. de Norpois. Et ce n'est pas peu de chose. Moi qui ai eu à l'étranger à tenir un certain train de maison, je sais combien il est souvent difficile de trouver un parfait maître queux. Ce sont de véritables agapes auxquelles vous nous avez conviés là."

Cassells Dictionary of Cookery 1892 Blancmange Christmas Pudding & Jelly Canvas Art - x

@nataliburtceva7 Here is a pic to verify out! #food #yum #instafood #yummy #amazing #sweet #dinner #lunch #breakfast #fresh #tasty

@nataliburtceva7 Here is a pic to verify out! #food #yum #instafood #yummy #amazing #sweet #dinner #lunch #breakfast #fresh #tasty

Cold Collation Dishes - Pigeon Pie, Raised Game Pie, Cutlets and Peas, Prawns en Bouquet, Crème Chicken, Plovers' Eggs, Lamb Cutlets, Larks Farcie, Piped Ham, Boued Capon.

Free Vintage Public Domain Illustrations of Red Meat, Seafood, and Poultry Dishes

Picture of fancy cakes from Mrs. Beeton's All About Cookery, ca 1930

SCARCE 1900 Antique 'Mrs Beeton's All About Cookery' Cookbook - from tapestrycollectibles on Ruby Lane

pudding print, I love this, it reminds me of the dessert buffets my Aunt in Portugal makes when we're visiting ;) CP

Sweets, colour plate from Mrs Beeton's Everyday Cookery and Housekeeping Book, Art Prints by Anonymous - Magnolia Box

'Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management' (1861) is one of the most famous cookery books.A guide to running a Victorian household,over 900 pages contained recipes,such that another popular name for the volume is Mrs Beeton's Cookbook.She highlights the importance of both animal welfare & the use of local & seasonal produce,long before such concerns became mainstream.The recipes were illustrated w/ colored engravings,& it was the first book to show recipes in a format that is still used…

( I am proud to have inherited my great-grand aunt Florie's Mrs Beeton's recipes book, a genuine antique edition.

On weekends, the produce area of your neighborhood Florida farmers markets can look and feel as jumbled as surge hour on Miami's expressways. Forceful kindred customers will cut you off as they snatch for foods grown from the ground. In your flurry to escape from there in one piece, you're liable to fill your truck with tomatoes from Canada, limes from Mexico, lettuce from California and avocados from Chile, which may not be... FULL ARTICLE…

Colour Food Plate of Poultry and Game a Traditional Aspect of Christmas. Mrs Beeton's Home Management Book 1923

One thing that comes from England is fruit cake (our version of plum pudding), and there’s both goose and turkey in Scrooge’s story. Also, the Yule log and the hanging of holly, ivy, and mistletoe are English. You can thank those ancient Celtic druids for mistletoe—they loved it in their winter celebrations. No one is entirely sure whether the Yule Log originated in Anglo-Saxon times or much later

Compote of peaches, meringues with preserves, apples Parisienne, plain pudding with brandy lighted. Instant Art Printable - Fancy Desserts - The Graphics Fairy

Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management, 1861

Made Dishes illustration from "Miss Beeton's Book of Household Management" circa 1879

Mrs Beeton "Invalid cookery". (From Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management, published by Ward, Lock & Co in 1906.

Invalid Cookery - Scrambled Egg, Quenelles of Chicken, Fillet of Sole, Plain Omelet, Mutton Cutlets and Cauliflower.