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And this is why we love Benedict Cumberbatch. Beautifulbatch and Dorkybatch - he doesn't care!

Anyone else feel like they were just deduced? (gif) <<<YES!

Anyone else feel like they were just deduced? GIF<--- ohmygosh this gave me butterflies.

Benedict Cumberbatch

I will never apologise for the outrageous amount of pictures that I pin of him - he's just so beautiful.

Bendick otterbatch

Bendick otterbatch

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How does he do it?<--I'm convinced he's either and alien or has superpowers, although he could be from krypton...

Benedict, in and out of character XD <== he's a genius actor.


karin-woywod: Hi-Res& 2013 11 09 - BAFTA Los Angeles Jaguar Britannia Awards Presented by BBC America - Portraits by Andy Gotts - Outtake Open in new tab / window for x 3600 pixels] & Link


One of the best actors in the world and a wonderful, handsome and lovable man