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I remember when I wished I could be a ballerina. I tried ballet but I found that it wasn't really my thing. But I have a few ballerina friends and I appreciate what they go through for ballet.


Dear maddie you are amazing some people think you are a brat but I don't think so Comment what you all think. Maddie can you teach me to be a dancer like you it's been my dream sense I was 3 years old😋😋😋

Symbol of perfection: A new book which highlights the dance industry's morally objectionable practices also reveals how ballerinas today are allowed to be curvier than they have been in nearly 50 years

How ballerinas are 'literally fattening up' as industry moves away from tyranny of thin

I love this quote because a lot of boys play football and they all say dance is not a sport well here you go boys!


What dancers do with the human body is so amazing!>>> this picture just proves how strong male dancers HAVE to be. They are legit

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Darling, won't you dance with me?


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This is one of my favorite colors to wear.

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