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Lucius, Regulus, Rodolphus and Severus, taken by James and Sirius who had been spying on them all night - 1976

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coltre: “ Took this picture of two lovely friends of mine, one of the last days I spent in my hometown. Looking at this now makes me feel warm and honored; because even if it was just for a second, even if it was just for the time of a picture, I’ve.

50s AU (Jane) or Steve Harrington

"I scramble down the sidewalk, searching for somewhere to hide, somewhere to find safety.

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This photo contains a lot of blur which is caused by the longer shutter speed which conveys the motion happening in the scene.


"Have some pancake-high Lionel, internet. This is posted in retaliation for the one of me being a sloth in the metro.

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coltre: “I was walking around with my friends one very sunny day but all of sudden it started raining really hard so here’s a picture of us running as fast…