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toradora Taiga and Ryuuji hug they are like, most beautiful couple i've ever seen

I'm tall so I don't what it feels like to be short but sorry

My feelings toward all people who call me 'short'

Every shoujo anime/manga ever (anime:Toradora❤)

[Toradora] This was one of the cutest and most frustrating animes I've ever seen, and I loved it so much! If you love rom-coms, I seriously suggest you look into this one if you haven't already!


Read from the story 50 Different ways to say "I Love You" by RandelLeviUy with 111 reads. I love you so much that I cou.

Fanart - Angry tiger by Hyanna-Natsu on DeviantArt

Quick fanart of Taiga from Toradora >w< That anime was nice! And she is a pretty tsundere, so tiny I love the tiger theme related to her!

Toradora. This is so awesome because I have hidden in a cleaning closest thing before XD

Taiga Aisaka

Taiga dopo essere scappata torna e fa una sorpresa a Ryūji