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~White Tulips~ A Finny X Reader Fanfic - ~ Memories ~

Ciel Phantomhive, different expressions, collage, funny; Black Butler

Ciel Manga Black and White. Black Butler Manga Black and White. ©Photo not mine

~Just a KuroFan~ : Photo

Yet another graphic workshop--here, I make graphics of all (most) forms and take requests~ (currently only anime)

Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler, Black Butler Anime


anime, manga and kuroshitsuji image on We Heart It

I'm not crazy..., I prefer the term mentally hilarious!, funny, text, Undertaker; Black Butler

I think I would like to be called that as well ^^<<yup you know us mentally hilarious people love to be mentally hilarious<<< Yup that is quite true

OMG, OMG, ITS ALIVE,FCKING KILL THE WITCH- oh wait it's just Ciel.. o shi-

Black Butler ~~ last 5 min of Kuroshitsuji II, episode 12 (fan comic by MeexArt)