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Arcana - II The High Priestess

My fave tarot card - The High Priestess - It represents Upright: Intuition, Higher powers, mystery, & subconscious mind.

ferramentas-de-orixas-pingentes-ofa-espada-abeb-xaxara-6362-MLB5056311415_092013-O.jpg (363×500)

ferramentas-de-orixas-pingentes-ofa-espada-abeb-xaxara-6362-MLB5056311415_092013-O.jpg (363×500)


Vintage Trunk With Rusty Clasps and Hinges photographic print - home decor wall art nostalgic steamer trunk wall decor

Photographic Print - Vintage Trunk With Rusty Clasps and Hinges - home decor wall art nostalgic steamer trunk wall decor

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Enough to convict a witch to torture and death: a pet black cat, a hat, trappings for traditional festivals, a full moon and some herbs

to know your self and be rooted, no pain no gain <3

"Just like the lotus, we, too, hav the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and raidiate into the world" Pin by Darian Ferguson on Tattoos

Because no matter how many times I crash and burn, I always manage to rise up stronger than before.

Want this in red ink on my ribs. The phoenix, actually spelled "phenix" in middle english, is a greek mythological creature that represents rebirth. it is reborn from its ashes when it dies. it is a symbol adopted by early christianity (resurrection).

The Old Spirit Path: Healing Moon Chant

Healing Moon Chant: Ancient Moon, lend your power, bring me peace this very hour, I call upon your strength & might, bless your child this secret night.