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This is WAY too stinkin cute!!!  7 by warable on deviantART be the cutest thing i've ever seen !! <3 naruto

This is WAY too stinkin cute! 7 by warable on deviantART - Jiraiya, Kushina, and Minato Haha :) Jiraiya you stinker!

Naruto’s life with his parents.. if they were still alive, that is.

If Naruto grew up with his parents. I know it shaped Naruto into who he was but I still wish they could have been there for him.

Visiting Neji pt. 4 end

they just had to kill of neji! i cried and blamed myself at times, naruto will always seem real to me. Visiting neji part 4

Naruto - Naruto and Hinata

I really love Sasuke and Sakura, but I can't help admit that I love Naruto and Hinata just as much <<< NaruHina is love

Visiting Neji pt. 2

2 xD awww hinata no need to cry your making neji worry even after death

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Naruto and Hinata;naruto was orphan because of hinata's love,he has a happy family,not along any

NARUTO                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

NARUTO/ - Zerochan hey I just saw this earlier! Poor Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino. Hinata-chan doesn't love them.

What's Hinata saying that makes he acting like that at the end I wonder...

What's Hinata saying that makes he acting like that at the end I wonder.

Naruto || This is actually really depressing! That poor kid! Of course he would accuse them like that.  They deserved that. BUT NARUTO DIDN'T DESERVE ANYTHING

Naruto Logic : Outsider Oh my goodness so sad! I just wanna hug 'im!