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11張萌化版「動物在吃著獵物」進食插畫,血腥的畫面竟然變得超無違和感! - boMb01

11張萌化版「動物在吃著獵物」進食插畫,血腥的畫面竟然變得超無違和感! - boMb01

Cute and disturbing cartoons define Chicago artist Alex Solis’ style

Bébé guimauve

Baby terrors is stunning work by Alex who has been used to turn famous horror character as baby terrors. Alex Solis is Chicago based illustrator.

Juuzou - Tokyo Ghoul ~ DarksideAnime

Quick fanart I just HAD to do. Totally hands down my most favorite character in Tokyo Ghoul. Smart, doesn’t give a shit, strong fighter, he’s a strong HUMAN, and looks crazy.

Otter & Frog / Predator & Prey By Alex Solis

Wild illustrations by Alex Solis? Works of artist alex solis? Comics and Illustrations on life cycle?

Adorable Circle Of Life - Alex Solis

It can if it's drawn by artist Alex Solis who has given the predator-prey relationship an adorable—which kind of ma

Búho kawaii

The awesome and often amusing illustration portfolio of Alex Solis is a delight to click through. I first came across Solis' work back in an

predador (10)

Prey , a new series of adorable illustrations by the talented Alex Solis who offers today a very cute version of the circle of life.