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Fucking kill me now.

Almost identical line from one of my (male) classmates in first grade: "It was Halloween, and it was also Friday the

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walk like you've been sent to murder captain America.


If I had been in that situation I would have made him the coffee and then handed it to him and started talking to the rest of the people at the meeting, and just let him slowly realize what he had done

On being an historian. | 23 Tumblr Text Posts About History That Are Just Funny

23 Tumblr Posts About History That Are Just Really Funny

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I'm bi, can't cook well, wear jeans and combat boots every day, my bra straps show, i have IDEAS


My aunt just stood there and stared at him because she couldn't get mad at him

That's pretty much how I keep a straight face

That's pretty much how I keep a straight face-- Hahahah. I just make funny faces until they laugh

The struggle is real

when my parents leave I like to sing Broadway shit loudly while playing Roblox

Not since the accident

I literally said "what about the children?" in second period today