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Leuistic mutation Transvaal Lion  (Panthera leo krugeri)

Southeast African Lion--Aka Transvaal Lion can only be found on nature reserves.

Southwest African or Katanga lion (panthera leo bleyenberghi) in the zoo at Leipzig, Germany - photo by Joachim S. Müller, via Flickr;  This lion lives in southwestern Africa:  Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Katanga (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The males tend to have manes that are lighter in color than lions of other subspecies.  Males weigh 310-530 pounds, and 8-10 feet long including the tail.

Southwest African Lion--Aka Katanga Lion is the third largest land predator after the bear and the tiger. This subspecies of lion is found in the southwest grasslands of Africa.

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Northeast Congo Lion--is extremely rare in the wild and in danger of becoming extinct.

Northeast Congo Lion EXTINCT The Northeast Congo Lion or Panthera leo azandica is extinct.

Puma--Only the jaguar is heavier than the puma in the New World, and pumas are the fourth heaviest cat in the world overall, after the tiger, lion, and jaguar. Considered currently as "Near Threatened", their conservation status is completely dependent upon preservation of their habitats to ensure their survival.

The Puma Cat The puma cat is native to the land of the Americas where it roams wide swaths of land while trying to avoid conflict with human development.


The African lion is known as the "King of Beasts". Lions live in family groups known as prides.

Tigre Joshua Arlington

Erie, Pennsylvania-based photographer Joshua Arlington, a regular visitor to his local zoo, takes intimate animal portraits. Arlington manages to capture s