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Já to com saudades #primolindo by amandacostag26

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E se os personagens da Disney tivessem Instagram?

Com certeza você já encontrou por aí algum trabalho de artista-fã fazendo o jogo do "e se..." com os personagens da Disney. E se as princesas fossem tatuadas? E se as princesas fossem pin-ups? Quem imaginou desta vez foi a arti...

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#Repost @anfitria with @repostapp. Logo é aniversário do meu marido...já estou pensando na comemoração desse ano!! Amo receber nessa data! (Como o tempo passa rápido) by aproveiestaideia

Bright Lights Swiss Chard cut on Wednesday and growing back already. #regrowth #swisschard #sustainable #cutandcomeback #aeroponics #aeroponic #aero #urbangarden #growyourown #growyourownfood #agriculture #garden #healthyeating by aerogrowing

It kinda looks like I know what I'm doing and know what I'm talking about hmmm. Do not allow for those negative individuals to bring you down to their level. Keep a high vibration and continue learning even when you already know more than those around you. Continue the search for the truth. #aeroponics #clones #cannabis #propagation #scorpio #topaz #love by mydriasis710

Breakfast of champions. Already hard into my day. #rockcreekoffroad #americantouringute #workforaliving #paythebills #lovethemornings # gettingitdone by rockcreekoffroad

Like who even needs 5 red full piece bathing suits? My friend sees my post last night with that long dress I said I would wear on my birthday maybe eventhough I planned to wear "KENDALL" already and sends me a voice note saying " I thought you were going hippy on this trip?" I died and sent one back saying "have you met me? I'm not bringing high heels but I'd have to be ill to only bring a tshirt and shorts. I may not style my hair or wear jewelry and high heels but I am me regardless if I…

The fun continues!!! Here's your chance to win an E&E iPhone case or iPhone Wallet with YOUR CHOICE of signature edge color (value: $280-295)!!! Follow the instructions below and a winner will be announced on Tuesday November 29! Complete these three steps: 1) like this photo! 2) follow @elliotandeames 3) Spread the love: tag 2 friends you think might be interested (that haven't been tagged already ;)! And that's it! And as a massive thank you to all my Instagram followers old and new use…