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BTS Kim Nam Joon  aka Rap Monster

I liked his hair that color. Well I like that color in general now may be my next new color


AU where the boys are ghost things that are supposed to scare people but yoongi just sits at the back eating fruit and asking his victims what leaves them s h o o k

Joonie..looking like an angel♡♡☆☆

“Namjoon with soft pastel cotton candy hair is such an amazing concept”

How can you make laundry look this good! RM ❤

*looks for it everyehere*, after 2 hours wait, i just remembered its with this man right here.LOL I am sorry if this was too cringy.


kim namjoon rapmonster BTS iPhone 6 plus wallpaper edit

Rap Monster cutie

Play a Game // Bts [pausiert]

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cute Rap Monster

I love your hair . I love your face . I love u rap monster ❤️


RapMon I just don't even know what he is doing but anyway he's beautiful