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A more modern version of the Russian stove.

Site-built masonry heater cookstove by Gimme. Cast iron top and firebox door; Note the marble border on stove top.




Dream Earthship Kitchen: Earthships -- The Ultimate Green Homes [self-sustainable homes constructed out of basic recycled materials]

plano de estufa rusa con horno - Buscar con Google

Masonry Fireplace DVD: Build a masonry stove, Russian fireplace or masonry heater.

KOLM ÜHES- elektri- puupliit ja suitsuahi

KOLM ÜHES- elektri- puupliit ja suitsuahi

Vortex Stove | Rocket Stoves.. Experimenters corner.. Answers questioned!

I recently stumbled across your great little forum and thought I'd share my stoves with you. The design is not classic rocket stove but includes elements of it. It's a horizontal front load, batch

Pemberton came up with a design that turned the stove into a cooktop. The stove is raised so the top is at countertop height, and it has a big sheet of metal on top, creating varying temperatures for cooking. “Put it right above the stove and you can boil water, then move it over to simmer,” Barnett says.

Off the grid house in the mountains - rustic - Kitchen - Other Metro - Alexandra Immel Residential Design LLC

A beautiful cob wood stove using the cob thermal mass to heat a bed behind the cooking area in front.  Different sections provide more or less heat for cooking and warming, with slate flagstones for the cookplates.  With a rocket stove, the woodgas burns in the upright chamber; no smoke or creosote to clean out of the chimney running under the bed.  An external steam vent allows the moisture and CO2 (the exhaust) to dissipate harmlessly outside.

THIS WOULD BE PERFECT IN MY NEW MEXICO HOME.DIY rocket stove - "Rocket stove technology can heat a home with less wood than a conventional wood stove. So little, that many homes are heated with nothing but tree trimmings that come out of a small yard.