Batman Cake and Cupcakes

I love this cup cake wedding cake idea. There wouldn't be anything to cut if you wanted to save the top tier for an anniversary but it would be so much easier to serve guests because no cutting is involved.

Cortador de galletas en forma de murciélago pequeño, funciona muy bien con galletas * galletas pequeñas * y fondant.  -Uso había refrigerado (no congelada) de la masa. -Utilizar harina o aerosol antiadherente para reducir pegarse con los cortadores muy detallados. -Si la masa está demasiado húmeda que se pegará a la corte--añadir harina a la masa. ¿-Sigue pegando? Pop tu masa en el congelador para un par de minutos. Si está demasiado caliente, se pegará.  FAQ: ¿Qué tipo de masa debo usar?…

SMALL Batman cookie or fondant cutter (2 inches wide)

Batman cake


First of all, Thank you to all the ladies that gave me advice and tips. Honestly if I didnt have you girls with this I wouldnt have done it. I know its not perfect, but I am far from pro. and some cupcakes

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My obsession with all things Batman compels me to somehow create these delicious masterpieces on my own, cowl and all. Here's hoping for my attempts at culinary creativity!

our life...: batman cake

This was a very simple cake. It is just a white sheet cake. Then I kept it in the fridge for a few hours.

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