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pointy nails -

When filed the right way ! some people try to pull this off and they look like demon nails lol

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My toes and finger nail color have to match. No exceptions.

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Model: Material: No harsh adhesives that would damage your nails Formaldehyde Free.

Birchbox: pointed nails that dont look like Lady Gaga --> so cute. I love the short ones  Don't know if I could get used to the pointed nails!!!

SHORT pointed nails that don't look like Lady Gaga. I like seeing them short, gives me confidence to be able to wear these myself.

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Nude claws with flower bling!

Louboutin stiletto nails maybe different colors. I like the idea of painting under the nail

Christian Louboutin stiletto nails black and red

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THE trend of this year for me: OVAL NAILS. It doesnt matter what color you put on it will always looks natural and stylish. My tip: nude or white oval nails. I just like the color.

Peach Nails - Rhinestones

Pink Stiletto Nail Designs to Adore

Nail Ideas: Pink Stiletto Nail Designs to Adore - Pretty Desig.

[ don't worry be yoncé ]

The idea of white nail polish is so elegant.

Imagem de nails, blue, and rings

Imagen de nails, blue, and rings

Here is a compilation of the top 101 mani ideas and Fall nail art colors this year.

Nude almond shape.

Nude almond shape.

Imagen de nails, ring, and pink

gothfag:   medium goth

gothfag: medium goth

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I'm digging this new trend! Finally a new shape other than square nails. Almond shaped acrylic nails that look natural