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[OFFICIAL] B.A.P Youngjae – Concept Photo For ‘Coffee Shop’

Yoo Youngjae: Coffee shop concept is strong

B.A.P - 1004(Angel) M/V  My Dear followers, I U haven't heard of B.A.P well then check out their latest music video 1004 aka Angel! Come on!!!! Just click the video!!! Hope U enjoy!! ^_^

1004 (angel)-B.A.P (official music video)

Jongup | © Moonlight Do not edit or remove logo

Look how delicately his finger is touching that perfectly beautiful jawline

B.A.P. - Oneshot just came out an hour ago ;u; I pissed my dad off by screaming at the computer for 7 minutes straightfnrduirkbdrukg YOUNGJAE BRGUIBR  AND JELLOS DANCE AND HIMCHAN AND JONGUP SINGS AND DAEHYUNS FACE AND BANGS RAPPING FNREUJBRJGKUBRJRH JKVBFUDdone with life, i can't, nope, damnit school tomorrow, homework, my life, /watches repeatedly and does no homework

B.A.P. - Oneshot just came out an hour ago ; I pissed my dad off by screaming…

|B.A.P| Joonhong | ZELO #BAP #Zelo

‪‎zelo‬, b.a.p, and bap image

[STARCAST] B.A.P’s Zelo came back with abs! I'm fangirling over here! I might die!

Baby Zelo grew up.

GIF -One of the most epic things that B.A.P has ever done O__________________O

this part looks so cool in 1004 Angel jongup and zelo bap

2014.06 (online), Dazed and Confused, B.A.P., Bang Yongguk, Jongup, Daehyun, Youngjae, Himchan, Zelo

Backstage with B.A.P

BAP black and white (y) jjang!

B.A.P Youngjae // 151213  WHY SO CUTE!!! AARRGGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


youngjae and bap image on We Heart It


Bang Yongguk: I regret making this board

[OFFICIAL] B.A.P Daehyun – Concept Photo For ‘Coffee Shop’

Daehyun from coffee shop

B.A.P Songs <3

Songs from the best music band ever!

I don't think a person can be more in love with a picture then I am with this one! Ah he is gorgeous ~Yongguk BAP

Yongguk--B.A.P. Oh holy hell (sexy) Ultimate

B.A.P : ZELO : ROSE  (it's B.A.P!)

B.A.P : ZELO : ROSE (it's B.A.P!)

Youngguk | B.A.P

Youngguk | B.A.P