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Ongoing 2016 • Kiznaiver

Image d'anime avec kiznaiver niyama nico hakusai (tiahszld) long hair single tall image open mouth blonde hair twintails fringe purple eyes looking away eyebrows eyelashes portrait bicolored hair victory colored eyelashes girl bow

Kiznaiver Anime, Anime Toys, Anime Art, Dope Art, Shirow Miwa, Whale, Touken Ranbu, Visual Arts, Avatar

Kiznaiver by findo

Kiznaiver by findo

Ongoing 2016 • Kiznaiver

She wanted to be connected to others so badly she didn't care if she felt all their pain. Nori-chan is so strong.


Kiznaiver, Where Change is Worth the Pain

agata-katsuhira-dakimakura-cover-kiznaiver.jpg (400×941)

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