I'll make my ring tone "I am not dating a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz" and then proceed to play it very loudly in my class


<--me neither, I just want to hang out with the guys that do.(*cough*Loki*cough*Moriarty*cough*)<---- I wanna fight crimes that would be much fun

Thor needs to do this when one of his 16,000 babbu’s asks where ...

This had me laughing a LOT. because I'd want to try it just imagining it in happening & because it seems like something I'd say/how I'd want to say it <<< xD

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Also the knife is evidence and you don't want to leave that.

Joe and Kyle leave the knife in Audrey- that's how she survives to go into a medically induced coma near the end

Somebody please take the internet away from these people. Btw this is literally the first post what made me lol.

Omfg...this person was "experiencing thinking." Lordy have mercy...

Life is full of surprises, even from one's own head. When you think about it having a voice in one's head is a little weird, I wonder if animals have one. I can't really imagine not having one

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Why would a parent think a 7 year old was giving their child cocaine? Do 7 year olds know what drugs are?

One iced americano for "Capsicle"

15 Captain America Funny Quotes

I had a dream last night that I was working at Starbucks and Steve Rogers walked in and ordered an iced Americano and I said “one iced Americano for the iced Americano“ and then I woke myself up by laughing too hard at my own joke

there was a big explosion sound outside and i pulled aside my curtain to see what it was but as i did so, so did the woman across the street and we both sort of waved at each other and it was nice even though something may have exploded

That's the best kind of socialness. The kind which occurs inside house, without talking.

This would totally be me.

Some tumblr posts I found while trying to clean up my files.

One time these girls were waiting in line in front of me then one of them told a joke and when they hit the punchline i laughed out loud!


You must make implications not direct statements. For example: he didn't get stabbed exactly 27 times in his chest. The sharp blade had a deep love for his flesh and for that he wished to carve his love within him.