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Tetra Shed Origami Inspired 86 Square Foot Office Space

On a recent walkabout during London’s Clerkenwell Design Week I bumped into three amazing prefab structures in St James Church. The Tetra Sheds. Designed by architect David Ajasa-Adekunle, this inn.

James Turrell, Inside Outside Australian Gardens

James Turrell - Within without part of his series of "skyspaces" architecture


Inhabitat: The funky future beach bum getaway of your dreams is here with the Archinoma transformable modular architectural system. A pod building system, based on the geometry of the stellated oc

Stone balance art by Michael Grab/Gravity Glue

A Very, Very, Very Delicate Balance


Tiny Studio Cabin by Hinterland Design

Articles about tiny studio cabin hinterland design. The promise of cabin living is that with a little land and some ingenuity we can have simpler times and more nature.

Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Nihilistic Optimistic Shadow Sculpture (built from discarded wood) -Tim Noble & Susan Webster

The Dutch designers at Atelier 010 have created the Bookworm bookcase. Description from Atelier 010 Bookworm is the sculptural answer to a commission to design and produce an organic bookcase.

Bookworm by Atelier 010

Bookworm wrap-around chair beckons bibliophiles.The Bookworm is a chair that surrounds the reader with their library, literally.The Bookworm from Dutch design firm Atelier 010 is a single piece of furniture that combines a chair and bookcase in one.

The cool Free Spirit Spheres in British Columbia, Canada

Who wouldn't want a treehouse like this? "Spiral staircases wind around tree trunks to provide access into each Free Spirit Eco Sphere on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Groundfridge is an innovative take on the traditional root cellar. It meets the requirements of people with their own vegetable garden, who choose to live in a modern and self-sustaining way.

Modern houses are often built without a basement while a lot of people nowadays feel the need for one: theyre focused on healthy food and, for example, .

Best Interior Design For Tiny House 49

30 Best Interior Design for Tiny House

modern glass house addition by dmva architecten 2 thumb 970xauto 17042 A Frame Summer Cabin Gets Glass Addition

A-Frame Summer Cabin Gets Glass Addition

A Modern Glass Addition in Belgium For this tiny house in the Belgian forest, a little extra square footage comes in the form of a glassed-in addition with a stellar view. Photo by Frederik Vercruysse.

A garden designed by Edwina von Gal using chemical-free techniques.

Meet Edwina von Gal of the Perfect Earth Project

Helmed by landscape designer Edwina von Gal, an ambitious nonprofit seeks to free the world from chemicals one lawn at a time

'Island House', recreational home on the Loosdrechtse Plasssen, The Netherlands, by 2BY4 ARCHITECTS. #greetingsfromnl

This very simple and cozy design for the Recreational Island House in Breukelen, comes from creative team of practice. The Recreational Island House is completely customized and allows the space to change according to its function.

주방과 욕실 그리고 샤워부스가 설치된 욕실, 거실에 설치된 트윈베드와 별도로 분리된 침실이 조화를 이룬 인테리어가 심플함과 더불어 합리적으로 보입니다. 조립식 형태로 5일만에 설치가 가능하며 2중 유리로 된 창문과 저전압 LED 조명, 통나무 벽난로 등 주거에 필요한 모든 시설을 갖추고 있습니다. 길이 8미터 폭 6미터의 ..

주방과 욕실 그리고 샤워부스가 설치된 욕실, 거실에 설치된 트윈베드와 별도로 분리된 침실이 조화를 이룬 인테리어가 심플함과 더불어 합리적으로 보입니다. 조립식 형태로 5일만에 설치가 가능하며 2중 유리로 된 창문과 저전압 LED 조명, 통나무 벽난로 등 주거에 필요한 모든 시설을 갖추고 있습니다. 길이 8미터 폭 6미터의 ..