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Sweet Home Alabama quote Why would you wanna marry me for anyhow? So I can kiss you anytime I want

x im insignificant x

LOL, nope (17 photos)

Oh. I don't care.

This is an animated gif of a Willy Wonka saying "I don't care". This is from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The chara.

Juno | 24 Examples Of Infinite Wisdom From Movie And TV Dads

True Love -- The right person is still gonna think the sun shines out of your ass. -The movie Juno

Excellent font choice too.

Woman "Not Your Bitch" sign feminist art photo women's liberation woman's lib resistance divorce gift funny vintage photography

there are all kinds of poison

>>> serge, violent poison Serge Gainsbourg in Pierre Koralnik’s Anna, 1967 yeah

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Dominique Swain ~ "You look better when i can't see you" Lolita, 1997

Imagem de boy, quote, and movie

Anna Chlumsky, the star of hit My Girl, is expecting her first child with her husband.

Her (2013)

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"Всех парней зовут Патрик", реж. Жан-Люк Годар (1959г.)

Tomemos hoy, nos matamos mañana//Charlotte et Veronique, Jean-Luc Godard, 1959