Bath time by the fire.

Bath time by the fire. which I had when I was four in a big tin bath on a Sunday.

"Murder Bottles" Many Victorian mothers, while intending to provide the best food and feeding methods for their infants, tragically caused the deaths of their own little ones...

Murder Bottles

Although doctors condemned the bottles and infant mortality rates of the time were shocking – only two out of ten infants lived to their second birthday – parents continued to buy and use them. The bottles eventually earned the nickname, “Murder Bottles.

African American migrant cotton picker and her baby. Near Buckeye, Maricopa County, Arizona, 1937

Dorothea Lange (Hoboken, 26 maggio 1895 – San Francisco, 11 ottobre Near Buckeye, Maricopa County, Arizona Migrant African-American Cotton Picker and Her Baby.

denim love

Family Farms grow foods that are good for us - Corporate Farms grow foods that are good for profits.

Mom has her hands full trying to get dinner on with all the kids needing attention. Moms are amazing at multitasking. Photographer Elliott Erwitt

Elliott ERWITT :: New Rochelle, New York, 1955 (busy mom) looks like my life!

Mulher escondendo o rosto de vergonha depois de colocar seus 4 filhos à venda. Chicago, 1948

35 fotos do passado que você deve ver

This is political because it shows how desperate the government left people. A penniless mother hides her face in shame after putting her children up for sale, Chicago, 1948

Our tub was round and served not only to bathe but also to rinse our clothes after they came through the wringer washer!

life's simple pleasure - I remember doing this on my grandparents' farm!


Mother and baby rooming in in Kaiser Permanentes Walnut Creek hospital 1953

A family making hairbrushes at home in the East End, c. 1900.

A family making hairbrushes at home in the East End, c. Another family living in dreadful conditions - look at the filthy floor, the children's clothes and the lack of good furniture.

A woman doing dishes with her daughter, 1942 - no automatic dishwashers in those days!

little ann heath pushes her footstool to the sink to help her mother clean up the dinner dishes in her parents' new four-room defense housing unit located in bantam connecticut

Girl Playing For Her Dog- historical photos of children. So cute!

22+ Historical Photos of Kids Show That Children Haven’t Changed Much