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A reference sheet of girls sitting on the ground can be useful! it will surely go in the drawing manual! Sitting on the ground reference sheet

These are my studies! To learn I often copy from real life or photos! I share them with you so you can copy them to learn or improve, but don't trace them! Make an effort and don't be lazy!And if y...

In the poll Which Reference Sheets you need? On patreon you can see the full version with 25 faces for FREE because this kind of reference shee.

#绘画参考# 腿部的绘制&动态参考,教你画丝... 来自半次元绘画频道 - 微博

Enjoy a collection of references for Character Design: Legs Anatomy. The collection contains illustrations, sketches, model sheets and tutorials… This gall

Тру Художник|Уроки рисования|Арт Портреты

Тру Художник|Уроки рисования|Арт Портреты

Clothes Base Male version - NO COMMERCIAL USE !! by rika-dono on deviantART

My Tutorial FOolder Today I have the basic male head tutorial for you ^___^ Happy Learning Yours, Nashi If you haven& yet you can join our Learn Manga Base here on Deviantart.