Fjord Horse & Foal (Norway).  Note the two-toned bristly mane.

Norwegian fjord mare and foal. These are like the horses in the movie "Frozen".

✿ڿڰۣ(̆̃̃•Aussiegirl little cutie

Wildly weird colored horse by Brooks Paints And Quarter Horses.

Norwegian Fjords, Steve this is the horse I was someday. Duarte-Massey Rae , these are the "real" horses that are used in Frozen!

I chose the picture of these horses because I LOVE horseback riding, and I chose one of European horses because the horse I ride is a European breed (named Diva).

What happens when you cross a zebra with Clydesdale horse? A Scottish zorse, of course!!

i think i just found my dream horse a Zorse foal. Clydesdale Zebra x .


'Mother's Love' - Fine Art Wild Horse Photograph - A wild buckskin mare and her young cremello colt on a summer's day in the McCullough Peaks Herd Area of Wyoming, from Living Images by Carol Walker (wildhoofbeats on Etsy).

My next horse will be a Norwegian Fjord horse. My heritage. The Norweigan horse dates back to prehistoric times.

Fjord Pony, one of which appears in my short story, Ice Castle at the Top of the World

Paint Foal by Violetta Talley, via 500px

Foal playing in pasture - Haylos Paint Farm. I like the color variations in this photo. By Fire & Earth photography.