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LUKE CAGE: HERO FOR HIRE 10" x 15" Original Art By Eddy Newell

Graham and Brown 57218 Darcy Wallpaper, Pearl



comicbookcovers: Power Man And Iron Fist December by Keith Pollard and Frank Giacoia

Luke Cage is downright bulletproof thanks to his skin being as tough as titanium. One of the more useful powers in the entire Marvel Universe, Cage’s skin as well as skeleton are so dense that it’s nearly impossible to injure the guy. In fact, you can fire at Cage point blank from as close as 4 feet and he may not even feel it. Add in the fact that attacks from other superhumans (even those stronger than him) won’t hurt him, and you have yourself a badass that you wouldn’t want to rumble…

Luke Cage, formerly known as Power Man, the man with near unbreakable skin, in fine art, by Tim Tsang.

Luke Cage a.k.a Power Man! by FelipeSmith.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

High on the list of fights you don't want to get into, Luke Cage. Luke Cage a.a Power Man!