Grey Inspiration Wall

Might be a really fun idea for the living room if I ever get around to turning it grey/white/black/yellow.

Executive editorial director for crafts Hannah Milman covers the surfaces of her office with worn linen sheets and then attaches bits of nature, buttons, ribbons, and other items that she acquires at flea markets, garage sales, and trimming shops.

Creativity at Work: A Tour of Martha Stewart Living's Offices


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Inspiration wall

Wall mood boards have become more popular in interior design recently. A mood board, very simply, is a collection and collage of images, te.

a workspace with a great inspiration board

Interior Obsessions: Inspired by These Spaces

Inspiration Board 09/2010 Maybe above a shelf with something like a collection or certain items.

Home Sweet Home Tour No. 5: Geninne Zlatkis

Gretchen says: A wall of art and a pile of books. Be true to you.

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workspace inspiration (via decor8)

workspace inspiration (via decor8) (my ideal home...)