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Team Rocket and their Pokemon. James is best. Poor Pokemon that don't have james. And SHE has them.

James is to epic to be with team rocket! he cares and loves his pokemon so much! he is the best pokemon trainer to me!

This Artist's Reinvented Pokemon Are Spooky in the Best Way

Partners Forever, Bulbasaur, cute, text, comic, sad, Trainer, Pokeball, Red, Professor Oak; Pokémon

Partners forever (By Neko) This is ME, I always pick Bulbasaur, I always pick the grass starter. Beautifully done

jesus christ gallade

Mini Chibi Raichu Adventures 91 (Pokemon) still can't read japanese but still loving it!

Sleeptalk Pt.2 by RakkuGuy on DeviantArt

= = absurdres airalin (mark folks) alternate color aura blanket blush bow character name choker closed eyes comic commentary couch covering face gameplay mechanics gardevoir hair over one eye highres kirlia long image looking back lying mark folks m


This is exactly what happened to me. I was scared to battle it because I didn't have any poke balls but then it said that it just joined my team and I screamed. And while This happened my dads friends were over so it just became weird